Setting up a location in which teams can collaborate

Monday 18 January 2021

This year has caused teams across all industries to adapt their ways of working, and we’ve definitely noticed this within our business accommodation. One of our new tenants, Jonathan Foot of Kromers Ltd, has shifted the way his team operates to keep their company succeeding throughout 2020.

Technology consultants

Jonathan Foot, co-founder of Kromers Ltd, has had his fair share of experience operating a business. The technology consultancy company has been running for five years, and works with every sort of business, from banks to museums and theme parks.

“We provide a lot of audio-visual services, like large screens and sound systems to facilitate working in meeting rooms and conferencing auditoriums,” says Jonathan.

Kromers’ role is mainly project management, designing the setups and helping its clients procure and install the technology they need.

“When we were working on client sites, a lot of our time was spent commuting to London,” says Jonathan. “We’ve been on the cusp of getting an office for a long time, and now are plans are coming to fruition.”

Like many teams who have moved to home-based and blended working, the team at Kromers is making a conscious effort to keep everyone integrated. Creating a space where the team can touch base in a Covid-secure environment means that it’s easier to collaborate on certain projects.

“Covid actually pushed us to get into the office! As a team, we need to see each other, even if it’s only one day a week, to ensure we’re on the same page. That’s why we moved to the Southborough Centre,” comments Jonathan.

Looking ahead to changing times

A lot of Kromers’ workload is focused around business environments and how individuals use them, meaning Jonathan and his team are interested to see how workspaces will change. In terms of their own company, they team already has great plans.

“Our goal is to expand, growing at a steady pace, while keeping things manageable. We’re passionate about our ethos, and are determined to keep it consistent.”

If your business has outgrown your home office and you’d like to find out about affordable, modern and adaptable serviced office space, then please get in touch.

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