Starting up a new business away from the London crowd

Monday 18 January 2021

We’re delighted to be welcoming new tenants to our building, whether they’re looking to set up a satellite office location or starting afresh. We spoke to our newest tenant, audio design company Low Post Limited, to see how they’re getting on in their new space.

Providing audio services to businesses

Low Post was founded by audio engineer and sound designer, Jack Townley, in August of this year. The audio production company provides a variety of services for its clients’ needs, meaning no day is the same for founder Jack.

“My day-to-day work really varies, from recording audio drama, to podcasts to adverts, as well as cleaning up audio,” he comments. Jack enjoys the range of work he is involved in, though, “The different aspects of my job really keep me on my toes. We’ve recently welcomed a baby into our family, so it’s nice to get lost in the variety instead of noticing how tired I am!”

Moving away from the London bustle

Jack previously worked for a studio in London, which unfortunately ceased business due to coronavirus. Jack seized this opportunity and started off Low Post to specialise in audio post-production in a remote manner, adapting to the unpredictable situation.

“This office space really stood out when I was looking for accommodation. I came to the centre and met office manager Tracey, and was pleased at how affordable the space was.”

This move comes at a time when many companies are looking to migrate out of central London spaces, and Jack is enjoying the difference in dynamic. He comments, “Everyone’s been great. It’s a lot more relaxed than the London feel, and I’m really happy knowing that my wife and children are nearby, as we live locally.”

Looking forward to 2021

When thinking about the new year ahead, Jack is optimistic, “I would really like to maintain this level of success, and build on what we have at the moment. The economy is still quite unsure, so I’m eager to maintain business levels, and to think about expanding our clientele at some point next year.”

We wish Low Post a successful new year ahead in its time at the Southborough Centre – welcome to the building, Jack!

If your business has outgrown your home office and you’d like to find out about affordable, modern and adaptable serviced office space,  please get in touch.

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