Ten benefits of our office space

Wednesday 17 March 2021

We’re proud the Southborough Centre is home to many happy customers, all benefitting from our bright and modern facilities and office space, conveniently located between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. When choosing the perfect business centre for your business, there are lots of things to consider, so why not learn about what makes the Southborough Centre different to aid you in your decision-making process.

Benefit 1: Immediate Occupation

If you’re looking for office space, the chances are you’re ready for the move now or in the near future. When moving, you don’t want to hang around and wait for an old tenant to leave. We’ve got offices on hand that can accommodate you and your team, with the ability to get you moved and settled in promptly.

Benefit 2: Office space that supports your growing team

One of the big hassles that’s commonplace with lots of office space providers, is that once you outgrow your office, you have to go through the hassle of relocating elsewhere. This could take up your valuable time as a business owner. It can unfortunately sometimes lose you clients, as some members of the team may be put off by the new location of your business.

The Southborough Centre has lots of different sized offices, accommodating teams of one to fifteen. This enables you to relocate internally if you ever require a larger office space. We’ll save you time, money and effort!

Benefit 3: Superfast internet connection

If you’re currently working from home, one of the things you’re probably fed up of is your poor internet connection. Not only is it frustrating while you’re trying to work, it’s embarrassing during meetings.

Luckily, the Southborough Centre has superfast internet connection, enabling you to come into work without the stress over whether your internet is going to play ball or not that day.

Benefit 4: Full facilities

If you want serviced office space with great facilities, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve got bike storage, shower facilities, kitchens, different sized meeting rooms and more! What’s more is that our meeting rooms are available free of charge via our online booking system, enabling you to book a room with ease.

And, of course, at the moment all our facilities are COVID-secure, meaning that once we’re allowed to return to the office, your team can do so knowing that their safety is a key priority.

Benefit 5: 24/7 access to the office

Does your business operate all hours? Do your team prefer flexible working? If so, our office is perfect for you, with the ability to come in at any time of day.

Benefit 6: Full CCTV

At our Centre your safety is our top priority, we have full CCTV operating around the clock to put your mind at ease.

Benefit 7: Free on-street parking

There’s nothing worse than driving to work and knowing you’re going to have to foot a £15 daily parking fee in the process. Our centre is located with free on-street parking enabling you and your team to come to work with ease.

Benefit 8: Full collection service by Royal Mail

To busy to walk down to the local post office during your lunch break? Don’t worry, Royal Mail will deliver and collect post from the centre, saving you time and hassle.

Benefit 9: Excellent local amenities

We’re located in Southborough, a great local high street with shops to suit every type of lunchbreak. Southborough boasts local supermarkets, coffee shops, a dry cleaners, a cricket shop, a running shop and takeaways. If you’re looking for office space with facilities on your doorstep, then you’re in the right place.

What’s more is that Southborough is located between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, enabling you to be near two local towns, as well as the schools that’re local to that area.

Benefit 10: Build up connections with local businesses

As a business owner, you probably well know the benefits of networking for your business. The Southborough Centre is home to some great SMEs from across West Kent and in locating your business with us, you’ll be well placed to do some daily networking with other local businesses.

If your business could benefit from office space that boasts all these advantages, then please get in touch.

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