Welcome Haven Paraplanning to our serviced offices in Tunbridge Wells

Monday 18 January 2021

With the coronavirus crisis continuing to dominate our lives, we think it’s more important than ever to celebrate all good news. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce that we’ve got some new tenants in our serviced offices, which are centrally located between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. We’re looking forward to seeing some new faces in the building and for their teams to start building relationships with other local businesses in the building.

Paraplanning support – when you need it

The financial services sector is a fast-paced one, with financial advisers, planners and wealth managers relying on a team of trusted paraplanners to help them with the technical administrative work that comes with the job, such as support work and research-report writing.

Haven Paraplanning offers paraplanning services for financial advisers who don’t have an in-house paraplanner, or whose paraplanners are struggling to keep up with their existing workload. In employing a Haven Paraplanner, firms are guaranteed to be working with a fully qualified paraplanner, who understands all the necessary industry terminology and compliance regulations.

A business headed by an industry veteran

Haven Paraplanning is headed by company Director, Andy Schleider, who set up the company just over a year ago. The business may be relatively new, but Andy is no newcomer to the sector: “We’ve only been properly going for just over a year now, but I’ve got over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, mainly working for big corporates”, he explains. “I decided to start up my own practice because I realised that there was a big demand for paraplanning services, but not enough supply. Owning my own practice also gives me greater flexibility.”

Moving from a home office to a serviced office

After just a year of working from home, Andy decided to take the plunge in committing to a more formal office space: “I’ve recently expanded the team by taking on a freelancer. The home office isn’t big enough anymore, especially given the current circumstances, where we need to be able to social distance”.

Andy decided that the serviced offices at the Southborough Centre appealed to him: “I like the fact that everything is included in the price and it was a lot cheaper than some of the other place I looked at. It’s convenient, clean and the people are friendly.” Haven Paraplanners are now one of the dozens of happy tenants at the Southborough Centre, all enjoying: short-term leases; free on-street parking; free bike racks and showers and free use of meeting rooms.

Business plans

When looking to his business goals, Andy’s main aims are to start to expand his team: “I want to be able to take on a full-time member of staff, not just a freelancer”. Luckily, Haven Paraplanning’s new business accommodation accommodates this objective, with the office space in the Southborough Centre able to accommodate teams from two to 15 people, enabling a business’s space to grow alongside it.

If your business has outgrown your home office and you’d like to find out about affordable, modern and adaptable serviced office space, please get in touch.

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